The Nordika project will take place in the city of Saint-Felicien, in the province of Quebec. It’s a facility for the production and processing of medicinal and therapeutic cannabis. We are planning to build a facility that will ultimately close to 500,000 square feet. In contrast to the Altitude 640 project, where production and cultivation will be in greenhouses, the Nordika project plans to cultivate, produce and process medicinal cannabis of high quality in a controlled environment.

Annually, we plan to produce 100,000 kilos of medicinal cannabis that is 100% organic. In addition, this future facility, which will be at the cutting edge of technology, will extract CBD oils, THC, and other cannabis molecules. These high-quality products will be sold on the cannabis derivatives market – the therapeutic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical (food) markets.

The investment, which will reach nearly $ 50 million, will ultimately create nearly 250 quality jobs in Saint-Felicien and in the region.